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Friday, July 02, 2010

Your money or your life?

I wrote this some time ago:

I used to drive a small car. I laughed when I passed a gas station (well, it was more like a quiet chuckle). Then my small car, going about 5 mph, was hit by a mid-size Lexus. Score: Lexus 1, Miriam 0.

They practically had to vacuum my car off the road, it was in so many pieces.

I escaped without a scratch, miraculously.

But I'm not driving a really small car, unless it is up-armored.

An intelligent comment:

Nobody in the USA will "clamor" about fuel efficient cars. People can always buy what they want ... at least, up to now.

They will simply decide on the compromise they are willing to make between the well documented lethality of tiny cars and the cost of gas.

The cost of gas vs. the value of your life.  

 Choose one.
The guy has a point.

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CGHill said...

Damn laws of physics, always interfering with the government's schemes.