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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

With Jews like this...

who needs anti-Semites?


Carpe Jugulum said...

Hi Miriam

I went to the link and that is a serious WTF moment.

My disgust, disdain and utter contempt at those 70 fauxbbi's couldn't be printed in polite company.

Sammy Mendel said...

I disagree. The article is full of hyperbole and hysteria, and Jacobs' rhetoric that Judaism is "under siege" strikes a hollow note with me. Exactly what "threats" to the Boston Jewish community do radicalized Muslims pose? I looked up his little society, and seems like he is busy doing things like banning a Guantanamo detainee Abdul Aziz Naji from living in the States, despite the fact that he was an innocent man imprisoned unjustly for eight years. Peace and tolerance indeed.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Fair Enough - pure tones;

But apart from a well documented hostility between radical islam and the jewish community, please tell me you are taking the p1ss.
Radical islam & judaisim, i hardly think the two are compatible.

Apart from your obvious intellectual sloth regarding the criteria to becoming a member of Club Gitmo your PC horse pucky on a "little society" is risible.

Begone Churl, i have no time for you!!!!

Sammy Mendel said...

Firstly, I debated in a much more civil tone than you clearly are willing to do. Hostility, if it does exist, is different than being under siege, and it is difficult to see how it affects American Jews' day to day lives. As to how they are compatible, clearly you have no relatives living in Israel.

Since you seem to be implying that every Guantanamo detainee was guilty, then of course you were the one who is intellectually lazy, since you are arguing in the face of overwhelming evidence. Also my uncle is a human rights lawyer with Article 19.

Finally, I think you can hardly understand what a churl is, for your own rude conduct evidently fits that description far more than mine does. Peace

miriam sawyer said...

No name calling, please. English contains many thousands of words with which to express yourselves.

Thanks for stopping by, though.