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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

People don't mind paying more for education?

A survey has shown that Americans do not want to pay more for public employees, but make an exception for education.

Why?  because they don't know the education swindle as I do.  I've seen it up close and personal.  Large amounts of education money go for administration.  Forget the teachers' salaries, how hard-working they are, bringing work home, and other pieties.  Teachers at least have quanitfiable duties.  A teacher will teach a class of 20 fourth-graders, or teach art to 75 students.  There are many, many people working in the public school system who either do nothing or do something that could be dispensed with:  assistant principals, board secretaries, assistants to assistant principals, secretaries to board secretaries; lather, rinse, repeat.  No business could survive with such a collection of slackers and people whose main duties are to take something out of an inbox and put it in an outbox.  Their lack of productivity is astounding.

Money oozes from every orifice of the public education system.  It doesn't help that the states impose unfunded mandates that cost school districts money, without reimbursing them.  The superintendent of a school system which shall be nameless told me that he was compelled to transport a retarded child several miles and pay an arm and a leg to have a minimum wage flunkey, under the auspices of a State facility for the retarded, baby-sit him.

And so it goes.   Anyone who wants to can pick up the rock which conceals public school spending and see what is underneath.  It's not a pretty picture.


Anonymous said...

Chris Cristie did, and told everyone. Now they are after him with a vengeance.

Interesting times, huh?

airforcewife said...

You are so right, Miriam! But people are afraid to say "no" to the funding because the answer is always, "But it's for the children!"

They don't realize that it's actually for the vice-principal.

miriam sawyer said...

Chris Christie should look at the administrative side.