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Monday, July 19, 2010

Flowering tree July 2010

I don't know what this tree is called, but it is unusual in that it blooms in mid-Summer, unlike all the other flowering trees tht bloom in the Spring. I took the picture with my iPhone from my car window. That's why it's not so great. I was hoping someone would tell me what it was. Tat--you know about such things!
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Anonymous said...

Could be crape myrtle, but I'm not sure.
My tree knowledge is very, very limited.

Looks spectacular, though.

airforcewife said...

I think it's Crape Myrtle.


miriam sawyer said...

I'm going to call it crape myrtle. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Unknown said...

That appears to be a red Camellia japonica.