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Friday, July 02, 2010

Christopher Hitchens has cancer

It's a shame.  I hope he's one of the lucky five percent who survive.  May he have the best of care, he deserves it.

I just finished Hitch's book, which I enjoyed very much.  He seems like a generous-hearted man and a good friend, a guy you wouldn't mind going out drinking with.  His aversions are as strong as his likes, and as vehemently held.   Most people espouse a party line and don't think for themselves if they can help it.  So it's kind of refreshing to find someone who has it in for Mother Theresa.

Hitch has had an enviable life, so far, and I hope will continue to do so.  He  appears to know everyone I've ever heard of, or at least everyone whose books I have ever read, including--and this impressed me--Redmond O'Hanlon.  I thought i had discovered Redmond O'Hanlon all by myself, there in the travel sectiion of the library, and here Hitchens knew him right along.

Some religious persons have suggested that this cancer is God's punishment for Hitchens' vigorous atheism.  Whatever religion these people profess, I want none of it.  I am dubious about belief, and dubious about prayer, but I still will send a few thoughts of Christopher Hitchens, who has given me so much pleasure, winging heavenwards.  God can then do exactly as He likes, if he exists.  And if he doesn't, no harm done.

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