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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Naming cats

Archness seems to prevail in the naming of cats.

Krugman and his wife, Robin Wells, at home with their cats, Doris Lessing and Albert Einstein.

Is  this pretentious or not?  It depends whether the cats resemble Doris and Albert.  I'd have to see their picture to judge.

My own favorite cat was named Tobermory, after a cat in a story by Saki.  I believe Tobermory is a place in Scotland, too.  The first cat I ever had was named Cleo, shortly afterward changed to Cleopatra when she became pregnant.

An acquaintance named his cat Stokely, for reasons which will be obvious to older people.

You just can't trust people to come up with names for cats, can you?


airforcewife said...

We name all our pets after people in history. Our two dogs are Ike and Mamie.

The one cat we didn't name after a real person was named Bogayavlenski (we called him Bogie). He was very full of himself. More than usual for a cat, even.

John Salmon said...

I recently named a stray black cat I see around a lot "Obamacat", which got me in some trouble.