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Friday, July 31, 2009

Stupid politicians

Bill Maher thinks Americans are stupid. That's because they like Sarah Palin. Anyone who likes Sarah Palin is stupid, ipso facto.

Liberals like to consider some Republicans as stupid, and they remain stupid until they die, after which they are lauded as Great American Leaders. The list of stupid Republicans is a long and honorable one. Top honors should go to Ronald Reagan, who fell asleep during cabinet meetings--who wouldn't? Dwight D Eisenhower makes the list too, despite having won the war in Europe during World War II. I mean, the man couldn't even talk straight.

But leading the stupid parade is Dan Quayle, whose offense is that he misspelled the word "potato." Our current president believes there are 57 states and that Austrian is a language, but he isn't stupid. He believes that pediatricians take out children's tonsils for money, and that you can borrow your way out of debt, but don't forget, he went to Harvard, along with other egregious a**holes like Jamie Gorelick and Al Gore. No-one can be stupid and go to Harvard. It simply isn't done, my dear. You can go to Yale and still be stupid (George H W Bush, Phi Beta Kappa and and George W Bush, C student). That's still okay, for now.

All the markers of stupidity are there in Sarah for all the world to see: the University of Idaho, the hick accent, having five children, eating mooseburgers. I could go on and on, but you get the picture. The libs have pasted a sign on her, and it is sticking. She is now exhibit A of the Stupid yet Strangely Effective Republican Fiend Party, replacing the sinister Dick Cheney and the evil Karl Rove in their affections.


airforcewife said...

Don't forget that wonderful argument tactic of "You just don't get it." That is what they use on people who defend those that are "stupid."

Anonymous said...

I readily admit being stupid.
Besides, liberals immediately point to my being a naturalized citizen, speaking with accent and making up non-English sounding words as evidence of my stupidity...oh, wait, those were Texas republicans who said that.

I'm sick and tired of this ballgame, no matter who's the pitcher.