Sunday, June 14, 2009

Obama likes to give speeches

but not everyone wants to listen to the gifted orator.

I thought we were the only people turning the channel when narcissistic man-child makes his daily proclamation! How often is it necessary to show his incompetence, corruption, negligence and absolute stupidity?

I am so relieved to know that there are others who cringe when O speaks. Apparently many people don't like to listen to our beloved leader. I have tried to analyze my own reaction. Why don't I like to listen to him?

He has a very pleasant speaking voice. It's the delivery that bothers me. Like The Little Engine That Could, he pushes his speech up a hill laboriously, then slides down the slope and comes to the bottom, all tuckered out. Listen to his speech pattern: up, up, up, UP, then he sputters to a stop--his voice goes down. That's how you know he has finished speaking, at least temporarily. The blessed silence never lasts long. It's annoying. So are the inappropriate "uh and "huh" he resorts to when the teleprompter lets him down.

And, oh yes, the utter rot of what he is saying.


airforcewife said...

It's not even his manner of delivery, I think he's a tremendously gifted orator, that makes me put the TV on mute - it's the fact that he says things that totally fly in the face of the facts. I start arguing with the TV - but, but, but, but!!!

It's too much. Now I just mute it until the press conference is over.

John Salmon said...

I've always thought he sounded arrogant-I guess his defenders would say that's just confidence.

We now know the confidence was unfounded.