Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Big thunderstorm

Last night, when I was in bed sleeping, I heard loud noises which sounded like an artillery barrage. I seriously wondered whether the North Koreans had landed and were driving their tanks down Naamans Rd. Of course, I was pretty sure that wasn't happening. It was as unlikely as, well, driving an airplane, or even two of them, into a tall building. That would never happen, would it?

After 9/11, I felt that my sense of invulnerability was shattered. I always felt secure, almost smugly so, before that dreadful day. And then it was all over. I truly expected more terror attacks on tall buildings, bridges, nuclear power plants, or national monuments. An invasion from Canada or Mexico would not have surprised me. I felt an uneasy sense that this was not over. Everyone else felt the same way at the time.

Others forgot to be afraid. I never could. Even though nothing else happened to us, I always knew they were poised to strike us again whenever we let our guard down. Even the seven years of Bush's stewardship didn't make the fear go away.

Now again we are being disrespected by our enemies in North Korea and Iran. Obama seems intent on kissing up to the bad guys. I believe he's running for president of the senior class; the endless vapid speechmaking goes on and on. What a hollow man he is!


airforcewife said...

There will be consequences for what our leaders are doing today.

I wonder if we'll have the national gumption to dig ourselves out of them (yet again) this time. I wonder, but I'm not convinced we will.

miriam sawyer said...

I'm scared. The world gets more and more dangerous, and the One pontificates!

Wyatt said...

That's what you get when you placate your enemies and apologize for the "evils" of America. Obama is clueless about national security, I'm afraid.