Friday, January 09, 2009

You've got to admire a guy like that

I mean Blago. I thought it was a smart move to appoint Burris. I also admire his spunk for sticking by his post. I seem to remember Bill Clinton responding to pressure to resign in the same way.

Suppose Blago is tried and found innocent. What then? I don't trust Fitzgerald, who made a big to-do about the Valerie Plame kerfuffle, spent tons of money, and put Scooter Libby in jail for, essentially, nothing. I don't trust the guy, and am surprised to see him still holding a government job. To me he seems like one of the pod people. Did anyone spot him disembarking from a spaceship lately? Or is he just a zombie?

I suspect he jumped the gun on Blago, and now needs extra time to figure out whether Blago used the office postage meter for personal business, or whatever other crime he can pin on the guy. Maybe he lied to somebody or other about Valerie Plame? Or Valerie Jarrett? Or Valerie Schmidlapp, queen of the cheerleading team at my old high school? Fitzgerald decides to prosecute someone and looks for a reason. He's creepy.

And now the Illinois Assembly in their purity and innocence are shocked--shocked! to find that corruption is taking place in Illinois politics! and recoil from Blago in dread that they will be tainted.

What a herd of independent minds!


Paul Mitchell said...

Eeeeek! You said something bad about Fitz! Evil, evil woman, he is the only good DOJ employee.

Anyhoo, what you said.

miriam sawyer said...

He creeps me out.

Dick Stanley said...

Fitzgerald is a skunk. Whatever happened to innocent until proven etc.? Burris seems like quite a flake (Google an image of his pre-death tomb), but he can't be worse than Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, or the soon-to-be bitter clown Franken.