Monday, January 19, 2009



My decorator is called Will, as in Good Will, and it was there I got the above thingy, or whatchmacallit, or whatsit, for 2.00. Plus tax--my Good Will in in Pennsylvania. It's aboout 24 inches long.

I thought it might make a statement, or rather a Statement, if displayed in the right place. I haven't found the right place yet. Maybe there is no right place. I bought it because I like pictures of fruit, particularly grapes, because my family is in the wine business. They don't collect representations of grapes, but I do.

So call it ugly, if you will. But in the right place....
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Anonymous said...

It's an adorable old garland; what is it made of, papier-mache? ornamental gypsum?
You can hang it to the center of your kitchen door (if you have one), or just about anywhere in the kitchen where you have a strip of vertical space.
What a great find.

miriam sawyer said...

It looks like papier mache, but I'm not sure.

I think I will put it in the kitchen.