Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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I did a recent painting based on a photograph of my younger daughter. At the time she was grounded, confined to quarters, incarcerated, made to stay home. She was always being grounded, because what else could you do? She was always violating her curfew; the grounding was meant to improve her behavior. It had the same effect as telling a stream to run uphill--none whatever.

While she was grounded she sulked, read Harlequin romances, and ate lots of Slurpees purchased by me at the local 7-11 because I was sorry for her.

I took a photo of her once when she was grounded. I liked the way she looked in the photo. The painting does not look much like her, except for the long legs and big feet.

She grew up to be a very sweet, nice, intelligent person, but the stubbornest person I've ever met, until she had a baby, who is now seven. In this child she has met her match. He has her beaten in the stubborn sweepstakes.

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Here is the original photograph.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, revenge of the grandchildren.

I had have quite a few chances to recall my mom's refrain "You just wait until you have your own child!"

airforcewife said...

My mother also cursed me through my progeny.

Although, my son has been much easier to deal with than my daughters. I think because he's really not like me at all.

He's basically a clone of his father - and his Dad and I always were a good match.