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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


From the December 2008 edition of Hadassah magazine, a letter to the editor:

You asked your respondents to focus on "issues of concern to Jewish voters." Clearly the most important issue is Judaism itself and our freedom to practice it....I think [Sarah Palin's] candidacy changes the parameters of the debate.

Her public statements and the few glimpses of her that we have been allowed indicate that hers ls a Christ-centered worldview and that she believes in the primacy of that religion above all others. (Note: Is there anyone who does not believe in the primacy of their own religion?)

If there is any more frightening issue of concern to Jewish voters (Note: I can think of several others, but that's just me )than the possible (Note: But not probable in a million years) erosion of the free exercise of religion, I cannot imagine what it might be.

Be alert, Jewish readers! The Christians are apt to burn down your synagogues and Jewish Community Centers and invade Chabad houses, torturing and killing their innocent inhabitants--oh, wait! Those aren't Christians, they're Muslims!

If past performance can predict future actions, I would say that Jews in this country have little to fear from Christians, even evangelical Christians. But this bugaboo is raised every time a Republican professes a belief in evangelical Christianity. Barack Obama, in contrast, could attend a racist church whose pastor espouses the Palestinian cause for 20 years without incurring criticism.

Perhaps the president-elect slept through the reverend's more fiery sermons. I, at any rate, am inclined to give Obama the benefit of the doubt until he actually does something which adversely affects the Jews of this or any other country.

Hadassah, by the way, is a Zionist organization. You might assume that its readers are more concerned with the perils facing an embattled Israel than with the imaginary and highly unlikely persecution of American Jews.


Paul Mitchell said...

I have learned that ignoring crazy talk from people facilitates the acceptance of their crazy talk. Hence the Darwinist's rantings getting play in science classrooms. The letter writer is obviously insane to make a blanket statement that Sarah Palin offers a single thing that would concern the Jews while ignoring the obvious dangers of a strengthened Muslim world.

miriam sawyer said...

Unfortunately, a lot of Jews share her mindset.

airforcewife said...

It's easier to "expose" and fight against someone who really doesn't wish you harm than it is to struggle against someone who would like nothing better than to cause your hideous death.

It's also less dangerous.

miriam sawyer said...

It feels so deliciously dangerous to prove what a civil libertarian you are by showing courage against an imaginary enemy than to face the creeps who are really trying to kill us. They are really scary and we don't want to make them mad.