Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is going to church a bad idea for a presidential candidate?

Usually politicians make a big to-do about attending church, being believers, loving Jesus, etc., ad nauseam. Remember Bill Clinton on the steps of the church with his prayerbook in his hand? And all those prayer breakfasts?

For Barack Obama, unfortunately, the answer is yes, going to church was a bad idea. I bet he's wishing he had slept in on Sunday mornings, rather than attend Rev Wright's hatefests for 20 years.


Dick Stanley said...

Whoa, Miriam, you have attracted a troll. You're in the Big Time.

Dick Stanley said...

As for Baby Barry's attendance at 20 years of hatefests, the MSM is doing the best it can to ignore it for him. But I hear Rev. Goddamn America hisownself is going to be peddling a book in October, helpfully reminding everyone about BB's little boo-boo. Wonder if the book will include the rev's theories about how white and black brains differ? We can only hope.

miriam sawyer said...

I'll have to put comment moderation on again.