Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have to moderate comments now....

because I am going to say the unsayable.

I like Bush. G W Bush, current president, and proud trampler of civil rights of Democrats. I mean to say: aren't the prisons full of Democrats?--Oh, no, that's Denver. Trample harder, George--they're still showing signs of life.

I am one of the 30 percent who approve of GWB. I think he tries to do what he considers right for the country, no matter how much he is reviled and hated. If popularity mattered to him, he would have set a different course.

So far, whatever he is doing, New York City is still intact; so is Washington, DC. Chicago. The Statue of Liberty. Hoover Dam. The Golden Gate Bridge. American nuclear facilities. All of these are still present and accounted for. Could any of Bush's activities have contributed to this, or is it just a happy coincidence?

He's made plenty of mistakes, of course. His public relations are a disaster. He should have made his case for the war in Iraq to the people of this country. He should have not been loyal to losers like Scott McLaren. He should have kicked ass at the State Department and the CIA. He should have changed strategy in Iraq when he saw that what he was doing wasn't working.

Still, I've lived a long time, and I doubt whether I have ever seen, or ever shall see, a president who is such a dedicated public servant.

Note to "Anonymous:" bugger off. I don't want to hear from you.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I truly believe that President Bush will be vindicated by history. I've never experienced anything like it, that so much spin, distortions, hysteria, and lies from those on the left have overwhelmed truth and reality, and shaped opinion and perspective.

miriam sawyer said...

Bush is partly responsible. As I say, his public relations are miserable. He also trusts the wrong people, and continues to trust them too long.

Part of the job is selling yourself and your programs. It's the part he isn't getting right.

airforcewife said...

miriam, my kids and I got invited to a tee ball game at the White House. It was so fun. One of the things that truly struck me was his behavior with the kids - totally natural; he was not stiff, he was not phony.

The little girl who put the first ball on the tee was severely Down's Syndrome. The President treated her like any other child, while making the necessary adjustments to his movements (so she could keep up/easily follow directions) without thinking.

He talked with the parents, cheered the hits and runs,and interacted with the players.

It was a beautiful thing to see.

Dick Stanley said...

He loves baseball. Played it in college. Loved managing the Rangers. I've admired him since he was governor of Texas and I was, then, a voting Democrat--including voting for Clinton, I'm frankly ashamed to admit. I attended a Capitol news conference once during a flood disaster in South Texas and Bush was there to be briefed by the State Police. You could see in the faces of the young troopers how much they admired him. He has the common touch. I'm not sure why he's such a disaster at promoting himself. It wasn't necessary in Texas, so maybe he just carried that over. As for the Lefty lies and sneers, they're normal (for them) but greatly amplified by the Old Media, which is Democrat to the core. I know. I was one of them for 35 years. Thank goodness it's dying. It will be interesting to see if what takes its place, the Internet, continues to give equal voice to conservatives and independents, as well as the Kos Kidz. The Old Media rarely included them, except when some editor insisted they get "the other side." It was/is not their inclincation. History will be kinder to GWB, of course. And President McCain and Vice-President Palin, as well.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Hi Miriam,

Off topic: you have expressed your dissatisfaction with that subject of Ms Palin on our.

To explain myself: every time this or that celebrity appears in the limelight, his/her name get a lot of searches of the general "is X Jewish", and of course it's an irrelevance and an attempt to scratch a very specific itch we both know about.

It amuses me to no end to look at this phenomenon and, in addition, it is interesting to see the pattern of sources for these searches.

Besides, it's as good a conspiracy theory generator as any other, and we are into conspiracy!

I hope it explains the reason why.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

P.S. It would be nice to see you visiting more frequently. Sarah Palin notwithstanding.

miriam sawyer said...

Snoopy: I thought only Jews cared about whether people were Jewish or not.

Actually, we only care about famous and accomplished people being Jews.

I haven't heard anyone bragging about Bugsy Siegal lately, for example.

That Broad said...

I like George W. Bush, and I think he has been horribly mistreated by the media and the left.