Monday, August 18, 2008

Holmes thinks Americans are idiots

I don't think so. It's all about the name.

Fairness! Who could be against fairness? Fairness is, well, fair. It's an American virtue. We are fair people. We admire fairness. The people who name these things are not stupid. They know that whoever sets the terms of the debate wins.

Thus the peace movement. Not the surrender movement, or the anti-war movement. Or, God forbid, the pro-Saddam Hussein movement. Peace is really, really cool--who wants to be against peace, besides slavering, blood-lusting bigots? If you're against peace, you must want to murder babies by impaling them on the end of bayonets. Stands to reason.

So if you want to start a lefty organization, call it the Children's Defense Fund. Only unfeeling brutes are against children. And children must be defended, mustn't they? Someone has already invented a Children's Defense Fund, as it happens, so you'll have to come up with your own name for your organization. Try to include Hope and Change in the title. Obama did that, and has been quite pleased with the results.

Don't talk about crippling the economy, talk about saving the environment! Doing the latter will insure the former, but so what? Only the dopy slaves of middleclassness will suffer. The better class of people (us) can still jet around the globe, lecturing the great unwashed.

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