Sunday, July 20, 2008

In love with mass transit

Why do our betters favor raising the tax on gasoline, which goes to the highway trust fund? Simple. The highway trust fund is unable to accomplish the things it was set up to do, such as build and repair highways and bridges. The funds originally meant for highway construction and improvement are being spent on fripperies like bicycle paths and mass transit for people who don't want to take mass transit.

The love politicians bear for mass transit is touching. Particularly since none of them would be caught dead using it. Their favorite means of getting from place A to place B involves private jets, helicopters, and chauffered limosines. Mass transit for the "little people," the jerks who pay taxes through their employers and don't have the opportunity to use gifted accountants to "minimize" their taxes. These little people have been getting ideas above their station in life--driving around in SUVs and vans and turning their airconditioning way down. They need to be taught a lesson by the arugala eating classes.

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Dick Stanley said...

Bike lanes, eh? They are death traps here in Austin, Texas. If you like to see the Greens run down, you should favor the gas tax. I used to think I was up there in the stratosphere until I heard that Baby Barry ate arugala. I didn't know what it was. Now my wife, the Democrat (don't ask) buys arugala. On the whole, I still prefer Romaine.

airforcewife said...

I like the NYC subway, and I like the metro in DC. BART in San Francisco is ridiculously expensive - like, more than taking a cab, so I never really used it.

The thing is, most places can't afford mass transit that good, and who wants to ride the BUS? The dirty, smelly, vaguely dangerous bus?

Not I, that's for sure.

Although I don't drive an SUV, but minivan.

Anonymous said...

You LIKE subway, AFW? The dirty, smelly, vaguely dangerous subway? Who woulda thought. I ride bus to/from Manhattan every day, only to avoid subway!

airforcewife said...

LMAO! I should probably clarify!

I don't LIKE the subway, but it works better than the bus for me. And I only rode it during business hours when we were visiting NYC. I didn't live there.

So I'm probably totally uninformed about it. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I should clarify, too: the bus I ride is an express; the MTA qualifies the outrageous price of $5 a ride by providing buses that resemble long-distance conveniences, i.e. with padded seats, reading light and personal fan adjustment. No toilet facility, though.

miriam sawyer said...

Who rides the bus? A friend of mine, a New Yorker, doesn't drive, so when in LA visiting her son, she takes the bus; she is the only non-Spanish speaking person on the bus most of the time.

And I'm sure the Spanish speakers will buy themselves cars as soon as they can afford them.

Mass transit is okay in big, older cities, where business is concentrated in a downtown area. It works well in New York, Paris, etc. In smaller towns, not so much.

Dick Stanley said...

The bus? The smells-like-cigarettes-anbd-stale-urine bus? In Austin we are soon to have light-rail, fancy name for a trolley. I will ride it just to see how it goes. One thing for sure, unlike the bus, you will go straight to your destination, not wander all over town first.