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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Too skinny

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I admit to envying thin women, but who would want to look like this? Or look at this? This model, from the Land's End catalog, looks like an escapee from a concentration camp. I have seen skeletons in anatomy class with more meat on their bones than she has.

I'm not buying anything from catalogs that feature women like this.

Yes, you can be too thin.


Paul Smith Jr. said...

You won't be ordering from too many catalogs, then.

Too thin is definitely a problem. I don't want to have to worry about breaking a woman's ribs if I got to give her a hug. Being able to see ribs is a turnoff.

Tat said...

Who would? Sir Paul, for one...

Dick Stanley said...

Poor thing. She has no hips.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be so judgemental of skinny people. Not all of them are anorexic, or choose to be thin. It's a hereditary trait that some people are born with, get over it.