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Friday, March 21, 2008

I heart environmentalism




Loehmann's is my favorite clothing store, and I was really annoyed to get this flyer from them, flogging shirts with smug, trendy environmental statements printed on them.

Every time you pick up some sub-literate publication, such as Elle, Vogue, or Family Circle, some nitwit is inserting pious, self-righteous statements re the environment. Or there is a lame article about the virtue of hauling your used printer cartridges 10 miles through the Arctic on a sled in winter. Writers for these publications are not the smartest--they consider "Between he and I" an eloquent locution.

I loathe the environment. I hate it as much as Muslims hate pork.

Bah! Humbug!
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Dick Stanley said...

Me, too. I love pollution. Especially coal smoke and cinders. Can't get enough of 'em.

Tat said...

Dick, you should visit NY, then. I know a pizza place ($x3 usual price) where they stock actual wooden logs and feed them to the pizza oven. The divine smell could be sensed in two blocks.
And the place is always crowded. Must be all those enviro-mental types, waiting in line to get the pizza and then feel guilty (and to write holier-than you articles in Elle)

There is a new ad campaign in the subway, featuring a photo of the dead Law &Order actor who donated his eyes post-postmortem.
And I was seating there, caught on a bench, and thinking - instead of all that creepy text accompanying the photo they should've just say, in block letters, RECYCLE!

miriam sawyer said...

Dick: I agree. Tat: Brilliant!

KurtP said...

I just changed my oil today.
Instead of dumping it so it can pollute the aquifier, I'm saving it so I can save the world from global freezing next time I have a bonefire.
Put the CO2 back into the environment to help stop global cooling.

I wonder if I'll get a kickback from AlGore and his CO2 scam?