Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I didn't know we had a primary in Delaware

Delaware is so low-key that no-one even mentions such a thing. In New Jersey, where I was one of the few Republicans in the city, I actually got letters inviting me to be district leader!

Anyway, the state of New Jersey knows that its residents are such blockheads that if we are not officially notified by mail that there is an election we are likely to sleep through it. If that is not enough, we get letters and phone calls telling us how important our vote is. So by the time the election is held, we are really psyched about it and eager to go to the polls. I guess that's because it matters who New Jersey votes for--they have a relatively large population.

I actually wasn't sure we were having a primary in Delaware, but I didn't get too excited about it. Most of the state elected officials are Democrats anyway, so who cares which loser gets picked to run against them? As far as the Presidential election goes, Delaware can't have too many delegates, because we don't have too many people living here.

But I voted anyway. I went over about 1 p.m. to the school where I vote--lunchtime. All the election workers were nodding off over their sandwiches and coffee. We were seven to one--seven people working the polls, and me, the lone voter.

But--and I've never seen this--there was no American flag prominently displayed outside the building! Not the flag on the flagpole, but the flag that is usually pasted up over the door or walls outside the building. I've voted in three states--New York, New Jersey, and Florida--and I've never seen a polling place without that flag. As I said, we're a laid back bunch in Delaware, but where was that flag? It was a funny feeling, not seeing it.

On the evening news they actually reported the results from Delaware, as if anyone cared, and I'm happy to say that my candidate won! So I guess it was legal and everything.

But where was that flag?

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