Thursday, February 14, 2008


I try to send something of mine to Pat Santy (Carnival of the Insanities) every week. It's probably the only way I get readers who deliberately come to my blog, except for the happy few who stop by regularly. She puts the Carnival together late Saturday, and likes contributors to send their stuff as early as possible--and only one per contributor.

But every week, when Thursday rolls around, I look through my paltry contributions for the week, and try to figure out which one is the most amusing, timely, clever, or just plain nuts enough to make the cut.

I generally settle for something moderately amusing--I'm a really moderate writer, sort of. By this I mean I am not screamingly, side-splittingly funny, like Iowahawk or Johnny Virgil. No-one has accused me of making them roll on the floor laughing, or spit out their diet drink. An amused smile, perhaps a chuckle, or a slight upturning of the lips are the usual responses of that happy few, my regular readers. That's when they're not saying to themselves: "What on earth is she going on about now?"

So here I am, it's almost the deadline, and I can't decide between the Hillary-Coulter post or the Ed Rendell one. There's a slight chance I might come up with something even more amusing and to the point by Friday night, but I wouldn't bet on it. Still, stranger things have happened.

And who knows, Pat may decide to give my humble submission a pass this time around.


Anonymous said...

I vote the Hillary Coulter one.

miriam sawyer said...

I agree.