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Friday, October 05, 2007

Important Notice received, contents noted

The Important Notice I got in the mail today--with first class postage--looked very Official and said this:

Our records indicated that you have not returned the enclosed Form and therefore, you have not been approved for coverage under this program. Please complete and return the enclosed Form to apply for valuable term life insurance.

I received this from a bank I do business with, not from some scammer in Nigeria. I guess Wachovia is hard up for business if they have to resort to these tactics.

So--I have failed to complete a form applying for life insurance which would pay off my mortgage loan to this bank in the event I die. In other words, they are giving me an opportunity to pay a premium to them so that they won't be left holding the bag.

I have decided to pass up this wonderful opportunity.

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KurtP said...

We have a branch at the intersection of a main artery and a busy (Walmart) throughfare. On the Walmart side the glass wall says "Welcome to Wachovia".
On the busy atery side it says "Bienvinedo a Wahcovia". Do I need to say more?