Friday, July 13, 2007

Obviously I am not a political mastermind

Jack is angry about the Al Queda situation.
Me too.

Why don't we just bomb Bin Laden's mountain redoubt to smithereens--turn these mountains into valleys? We could apologize later.

Obviously I don't understand the first thing about politics. I watch the evening news and scratch my head. Among the things I don't understand:

1. What did Scooter Libby do? No, honestly, please explain. While we're at it, what did Martha Stewart do?
2. About those 8 prosecutors--who doesn't the administration tell Congress to go shit in their collective hats? A simple "none of your business" would have sufficed. Remember, now--I don't know anything about politics.
3. About the "Bush lied, etc" thing; why didn't Bush say that he acted on the info he had at the time, instead of apologizing and groveling?
4. Why didn't Bush talk to the American people about the war, what his war aims were, and how he saw the situation before we came to this?
5. Why didn't the Lebanese army just carpet bomb that refugee camp, instead of allowing 400 terrorists to make a monkey out of them? It would surely have gotten their attention.
6. Why is William Jefferson still in Congress?
7. The Dems keep saying the Republicans are trying to scare us about terrorists. Why aren't they scared? I am.

You can see how hopeless I am about politics.


Duffy said...

1. Libby was convicted of obstruction and perjury. Martha Stewart was convicted of obstruction and lying to investigators.
2. Basically, they have. The Executive branch is co-equal and have strenuously asserted so.
3. I believe he has. He clearly regrets acting on shaky intel but it was sold to him as solid. Either way, he's in for the duration.
4. He has in various forms but really I think he thought that once the shooting started the whole exercise was moot.
5. Lebanese/Syrian relations are dicey thing. Syrians retain quite a bit of influence in Lebanese politics.
6. Because he has no shame and no honor.
7. Because they have no plan for dealing with terrorism or terrorist sponsoring nations.

miriam sawyer said...

Mike--you get 100 on the quiz. But; I still don't know what Libby did, as opposed to what they convicted him for; ditto Martha Stewart.

Purple Avenger said...

Libby was guilty of working for a republican administration. That's all it takes these days ;->

miriam sawyer said...

PA: I think you're right, and it scares me.