Monday, July 23, 2007

Minority report

I'm one of the few people you'll ever meet who didn't love Florence. Why? Well, it didn't look like the above sunny picture.

On the two days I spent there, it was rainy and miserable, but thronged with tourists and street vendors selling umbrellas. The museums were hideously overcrowded (no wonder, it was pouring outside). The thing I liked best was Santa Croce, where lots of famous people were buried and the rain did not come in.

A day or two later, we were in sunny Sorrento, and thought we had died and gone to heaven. That's what sunshine does for me.

Everywhere I go I bring good weather. I encountered beautiful, balmy weather in Chicago in March and again in November. Everyone else says the climate in Chicago is awful. You can't prove it by me.

I was in Ireland--Ireland!--for eight days and it didn't rain once. Some friends went there to play golf and damn near drowned.

London? Beautiful weather. Ditto the south of France. Barcelona was warm and sunny when I visited there. California? A no-brainer.

I went to Columbus, OH this spring and the sun came out and stayed out. The week before had been rainy.

And so it goes. I am open to offers to visit places cursed with unfortunate weather, all expenses paid, of course.

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Tat said...

Florence must have been especially naughty if even your proven abilites didn't stop the rain there.
In regards to FLorence's charms, you're firmly in same camp with E.M. Forster, you know that?