Friday, July 13, 2007

Finally--they are rebuilding the World Trade Center

This site shows the progress they are making on redeveloping the site. Better late than never.

In Israel, any venue destroyed by suicide bombers is rebuilt ASAP. Of course, this is not possible with a mammoth project like the World Trade Center; with the further complication that every interest group made its opinion felt and every objection had to be thrashed out. But at last, they have started.

What brought this to mind was a description of the city of Bristol, England, after World War II. Piles of rubble remained for years, resulting in a shortage of housing and in dispiriting the citizens who had to ply their business among the ruins. I am sure something similar is affecting the citizens of lower Manhattan.

Not all building projects are good ideas, but building projects are nevertheless a positive sign. New buildings are a symbol of hope for the future.

Who hasn't lingered at a building site, watching workers as they make something out of nothing? I felt my spirits rise in Hawaii, when I saw building cranes all over Maui, and the workers in the air, putting together new buildings.

Good luck to the rebuilding of the trade center site. I can't wait to see it completed, at last.

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