Sunday, May 27, 2007


Just a bumper sticker?

Just a slogan?


Dick Stanley said...

It's a stupid name, though, and a worse acronym. The Long War has a nice, if obscure, ring. Too bad they can't just call it the War Against Islamic Facism, or WAIF? Naw. War Against Islamic Radicals. WAIR. Hm, better.

Anonymous said...

My private name for the existential fight of our time is the "War to Stomp Jihad." That's not useful as a public name. Can anyone think of a proper way to express that idea publicly? The best bet so far would be the "War Against Islamofascism." But that has a freakish sound, and cannot hope to engage the interest of any person vacillating between multiculti dogma and a recognition of our present reality. Hoping to hear further refinements.

miriam sawyer said...

How about War for Survival of the West? War for Survival of Democracy and Freedom?

Mitch said...

I don't really care what we call it, as long as we win decisively.

I see you put up this entry when he originally made his statement, not when he repeated it at the debate. That pretty much rules out a slip of the tongue. The thought of someone so clueless being taken seriously as a candidate is unsettling.