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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Nancy Pelosi's headscarf

In all the fuss about Pelosi's headscarf, no-one has sought the answer to the most important question:

Where did Pelosi get that headscarf? I'm sorry, but this is a woman who wears pearls around her neck worth more than my entire yearly income, and she wears a schmatta like that? For shame. It's a shanda for the goyim.

I believe she borrowed it from her cleaning lady.


KurtP said...

It kinda looks like a table cloth we had once.....

That Broad said...

I know this may sound mean spirited, but I wouldn't visit a country that made me wear something over my head. That's just me, I'm a bit arrogant I suppose, or just used to having freedom to wear whatever I want.

The Sanity Inspector said...

The only way for her to atone for this is to open the next session of Congress wearing one of these.

Anonymous said...

The terms you use sound so right. Would you be so kind as to recommend a reliable Yiddish-English online translator?

Julie Z.

miriam sawyer said...

shanda= scandal

I used to have a Yiddish-English dictionary bookmarked, but Mozilla wiped it out. Let me interpret:
schmatta= rag, literally, but actually any garment, as in: "My father was in the schmatta trade."

Shanda=scandal; goyim=Gentiles, strangers. So, it is a scandal for strangers to see us acting like that, ie, wearing that tacky piece of clothing.

Reliapundit said...

maybe her lowselfesteem granddaughter bought it for her with money she earned selling lemonade?

Reliapundit said...

true story:

a 2nd grade teacher was teaching compound words.

a house a dog lives in is a DOGHOUSE.

a place where you market is a MARKETPLACE

and then she asked the children to figure out a few on their own.

who knows what a hole for a mouse is called? timmy? TIMMY: a mousehole.

who knows what a you call a shelf for books?

jane raises her hand. JANE? JANE: a bookshelf. Very good, Jane.

and a coat your mother wears around the house? What does she call that? Jonathan raises his hand. Jonathan?


Dick Stanley said...

It certainly doesn't improve her looks. Though I remember reading she only donned it and wore it while visiting a mosque. She'd have had to do something similar in a Roman Catholic church. The mosque probably keeps a supply handy for such visits.