Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I'm referring to the reaction of Senators, some of them Republicans, to President Bush's Iraq plan. These people literally make my gorge rise. They should back the president and fervently hope that his plan succeeds. Instead, they goad him like picadors at a bullfight, incidentally giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

Their resolutions and grandstanding speeches notwithstanding, Congress cannot prevent the Commander in Chief from prosecuting the war in the way he sincerely believes is our best shot at success. What they can do is undermine his authority, dishearten service people, and allow our enemies to gloat. A pox on all of them.*

What is especially galling is the behavior of our legislators before and after the SOTU address--jockeying for places near him, shaking is hand and smiling like the hypocrites they are.

These are folks who only know two ways to behave: sucking up and kicking in the balls. But it unusual for even them to perform both these activities within a 24-hour cycle.

*Special mention to Chuck Hagel, ass**** extraordinary.

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