Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mean spirited?

A fellow blogger has characterized me as "mean spirited." I protest vehemently. I am fond of dogs and cats, give to charity, and volunteer my time to the religous establishment of my choice. My friends and family are inordinately fond of me.

I guess I got tagged with that unfortunate characteristic because my blog is snarky. It's a whole lot easier on both the reader and the writer to write snark than praise. You can be wittier, for one thing. If you really like a writer, all you can say is, "Wow! That's great!" The same with a person: "He's a terrific guy." There, you've said it all. But you can be snarky in a dozen different ways.

Another definition of "mean spirited" is that I am a Republican. I didn't know that was a matter of shame. This will come as a big shock to the approximately 50% of American voters who are registered Republicans.

Rightwingers cannot be "compassionate." We don't think that giving more government money to school districts, labor unions, etc, is an effective way to run a country. When not busy grinding the faces of the poor, we are selfishly complaining about high taxes.

My real sin is my dislike of Jimmy Carter. This sanctimonious old fraud is the cause of most of our problems in Iran and North Korea, but set that aside for a moment. JC's disgraceful actions at Coretta Scott King's funeral were the deal breaker for me. This disgrace to the American presidency and Americans generally is puffed up with monstrous self-regard. I consider him a truly evil man.

His crooked dealings with the Arabs, in the form of bank loans form BCCI, is only now being revealed. He had generous help from his Arab buddies in rescuing his peanut business. His financial relationship with the Saudis is just beginning to come under scrutiny and I am sure more will be revealed.

In my opinion, this man is so crooked that I seriously doubt he can hammer a nail straight. I bet the houses he helped build for Habitat for Humanity are falling down.

Note: More of Carter's high-minded ethics at work:

The ex-president's irritating opinions on Mideast matters are one thing. But the funding of his Atlanta think tank by big-money, state-linked Arab sources is quite another — and points to a conflict of interest.

Read the whole thing. Jimmy C gives whited sepulchres a bad name.

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