Sunday, January 07, 2007

Is Israel preparing to attack Iran?

It's starting to look like it:

They’re training for the mission as a contingency and the only nukes involved are bunker-busters with a one-kiloton yield, roughly the power of the Trade Center collapse, to be used at a single site.

I for one am shocked. I thought Olmert was too busy picking out roses to send to Abbas for Valentine's day to consider going the military route. Actually, I think Israel would like us to do it. And we would love for them to do it. But I don't like either contingency. Why?

If Israel attacks Iran in the same spirit in which it fought Lebanon, it's not worth it. If Bush were to attack Iran, the Democrats would have a putsch to remove him from power. Not good, no?

I think I've got an answer to the predicament: Australia should attack Iran!

Now before you burst a blood vessel, consider the following facts:

1. The Aussies are tough. Good fighters!
2. John Howard is tough. I have never seen him quoted making fawning statments about his great love and respect for the Religion of Peace. He seems to speak his mind, and he was re-elected not so long ago, which shows that he is popular. He could get away with it. Bush would be crucified on the White House lawn, and Olmert is a living demonstration that not all Jews are smart.

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