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Monday, December 18, 2006

The Kaplan sisters--the finale

Well, the curtain has rung down on the girls, who were last seen talking loudly and wearing their hats at family functions.

Rose died a few years ago, but Ellen and Shirley were still going strong. Last Thursday, they played bridge with "the girls." Women were called girls to this demographic, whether they were 19 or 90. On Friday, Ellen's assistant was taking them somewhere, probably to play cards again, and ran her car off the road, killing both of them. Shirley had just celebrated her 97th birthday, and Ellen was almost 95. Lives tragically cut short!

I'm not kidding--those girls had lots of mileage left on them. They played cards like Las Vegas cardsharps, and had opinions on everything, loudly and confidently asserted, often but not exclusively concerning the activities of the younger generation.

It's the end of an era for their nieces and nephews, who will never see their like again.

Well, they had a nice time Thursday. And neither had the sad task of burying the other.

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