Wednesday, July 12, 2006

To Bill Keller:

with sympathy for his plight:

I know it’s always difficult to weigh the options: Help the terrorists, don’t help the terrorists. It’s a tough decision, no one can deny that.

If the terrorists reduce New York City to rubble, where will the New York times publish from? Paris? Of course, Pinch, Paunch and company could just afford to up and move. They could bring John Kerry with them; I understand he is fluent in French.

I've been debating how to send the Times a signal. I don't think it's really enough that I have stopped buying the paper on Sunday, thus reducing Delaware's landfill by 5%. As important as I fancy myself, odds are no-one will even notice.

So I am going to request that my fellow bloggers who are like-minded all don't buy the paper on the same day. This will only work if you already buy the paper. But don't start buying it now, if you don't already. (That will mean the terrorists have won.)

I understand that lots of people in Michigan and Louisiana and places like that already don't buy the Sunday New York Times, even though it does have a really challenging crossword puzzle. You people can keep on not buying it. But perhaps if you don't log onto their website that day?

Since no-one reads newspapers in the summer, I am going to suggest September 17, 2006, as the day when we all go out and don't buy the New York Times or log onto their fershloggener website.

Anyone agree?

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