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Friday, June 30, 2006

Food fancies

Mr Charm has some hang-ups about food. I could work with that. But he changes his mind often. He likes certain foods or restaurants for a time, then dislikes them. Sometimes he likes something and stops liking it and goes back to liking it.

Act I. Daughter serves him black bean soup.
MrC: I love black bean soup. (scarfs it down).
Act II
I make black bean soup. He comes to the table.
MrC: What's this?
Me: black bean soup.
MrC: I don't like black bean soup.
Act III: (at Panera's restaurant)
Me: I don't think I want the black bean soup--it's too filling.
MrC: I'm ordering black bean soup.
Me: ?????!!!!!
MrC: what are you looking at me like that for? I've always liked black bean soup.

We had a favorite Chinese restaurant. I suggested going there today, because I had to get something at a nearby store. He agreed. Not enthusiastically.

We got to the restaurant.
MrC: I don't know what to order.
Me: Order the shrimp with lobster sauce. You always like that.
MrC: I do not like it!

So he orders something else he does not like. He doesn't like it this time either. No surprise there. (Toys with food. Ostentatiously)

MrC: Let's not go there again.
Me: _________(Fill in blank with your favorite curse, muttered not quite under my breath.)
MrC: What did you say?
Me: Nothing.

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