Monday, February 20, 2006

Telling off the cowards in the media

From the American Enterprise, an analysis of the religion of peace:


t turns out not a single TV network and only two newspapers...have dared publish the dozen Danish cartoons that have set off riots around the world. Even the New York Press, which once ran a whole column in which a writer described removing a boil from his scrotum, has chickened out. Four staff members quit in protest last week after the top brass backed down.

Whence this newfound humility? Well, everybody�s mumbling something about �respect for religion� and �not wanting to offend anybody,� but the real reason is transparent. They�re scared to death. Publishing portraits of rock stars posing as Jesus or putting naked movie stars on the cover of Vanity Fair�that�s all in a day's work. Only a bunch of hillbillies down in Arkansas will be offended. But publishing a cartoon of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban�now that�s serious. Somebody might start throwing rocks or set off a bomb in the office. Best to duck our heads on this one. Trading brickbats with government officials is one thing; doing something risky is quite another.

My question is, what�s the difference? Nothing we say or do will make Muslims like us any better. Islam has been beating down the door of Western Civilization since the time of Charlemagne. They conquered Spain, took Constantinople in 1453, besieged Vienna in 1529 and again in 1683. The Turks blew up the Parthenon in 1687 and fighting between Greeks and Turks continued into this century. The Balkans became the �powder keg of Europe� once the Turks invaded.

And it isn�t just us. Islam is at war with every civilization on its borders. They�re fighting with India, with China, with African tribes in Sudan. Nor do Muslims ever stop fighting among themselves. The whole history of Islam is a story of a group of dissidents going out into the desert, deciding the religion practiced by the elites was not the �true Islam,� and crashing back upon the cities to seize power. The word �assassins� comes from a Persian cult whose members drugged themselves with hashish before carrying out suicide attacks. The Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda are just the latest of a long, long line.

Islam is a culture that has never learned to curb male violence. All it can do is export it.
So what can we poor Americans to do except hold another �Multicultural Appreciation Day?�

Read the whole thing. Atlanta rofters provided the link.

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