Saturday, February 18, 2006

Please sign this petition

From an Iranian woman activist:

To: All human rights supporters

Please help end the mass killing of political prisoners in Iran

Independent news sources have confirmed the recent execution of Hojat Zamani, a political prisoner in Gohardasht, Iran. Another political prisoner, Morteza Bozorgian, was denied basic living conditions whilst in prison and died due to extreme cold. Recently a young journalist, Elham Afrootan, reprinted an originally anonymous article critical of the government in a local newspaper and was imprisoned. Fear of government reprisals drove her to attempt suice, and she is now in a critical condition.

Relatives of other prisoners report of death threats made by officials to the political prisoners stating that “they will be executed one by one if Iran’s nuclear activity is referred to the UN Security Council”. 150 executions have been reported since the election of Ahmadinejad to power in June 2005. The Islamic regime has regressed to the years of terror in the ‘80s, during which time mass executions of political prisoners took place, with their bodies unceremonially dumped in mass graves that were only discovered by accident.

We call upon all human rights supporters, activists and organisations to notify their governments of these atrocities. We urge international human rights organisations to send representatives to Iran to investigate these violations of human rights. We ask them to pressure the government of Iran to free all political prisoners, including all workers, students and bloggers, and to help prevent further widespread mass execution of the prisoners. We ask all freedom supporters to unite in condemning these atrocities by forwarding this petition to friends, family and international media. Unless we speak out in unison, we face the very real possibility of an imminent mass killing of political prisoners in Iran jails by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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