Thursday, February 09, 2006

Let's offend them, by all means

A refreshing thought, amidst all this cant and hypocrisy, from Russell Wardlow:

Muslims need to be offended, and for that reason the cartoons should continue to be published both in Europe and in the United States, and everywhere else possible.

The mistake that Karol makes is in treating Muslims the same as any other religious group. But that's quite impossible at this point as a result of Muslims' own behavior. Precisely because they can be counted on, for whatever reason, to riot psychotically with every minute percieved slight, we need to offend them. Not doing so would be a capitulation to the dangerous double standard that liberal-minded folks in the West see as magnanimous sensitivity and tolerance, but which is percieved (perfectly rationally, I might add) by Muslims as simply weakness and a complete lack of any faith in our own society.

Once Muslims show themselves capable of not killing people and burning down buildings because of an editorial cartoon, then you'll find me on the side of those who want to be conscientious and polite and not offend. And I will then happily be just as mindful of Muslim sensibilities as I am to those of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, et al.

But until then, I say it's open season.

A tip of the chapeau to bad example.

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