Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Kill comcast!

Three times they have come to my house, and 3 times Internet has broken down within an hour after they left.


Anonymous said...

I have never, and i repeat never, have had the worst experience with any business as i do with comcast..When someone wants to fix my bill and credit me the right amount of money, and believe me when i say i am using their phone service, even though they claim i don't have it and i have told them repeatedly in person as well as at the new haven office that i do, will i believe them to be a reputable company.. Until then, they are useless and is run by a bunch of idiots. You can't even talk to the same person, because no one has an extension, and they can not make any outgoing calls. I have a list of names for all my phone calls regarding my problems with them, but again to no avail. Any one else have these problems? carol

Anonymous said...

My goodness!!!! I am so livid with Comcast by now I do not even know what to day or where to start. I experienced exact the same thing you mentioned----they can not bill me correctly, even after I talked with them repetitively, and actually begged them to use a calculator with me so we can figure the numbers together. I guess they can’t bill me correctly because they didn't even set up the service correctly to begin with…..they had to mail me a box for me to be billed correctly, and after I received the box, nothing happened……and I still have all kinds of past due and fees billed to me------I think its complementary to call them idiot, they are worse, I do not understand why they are still in business!!!! My account number is 8220 17 709 0860647, I hope somebody from Comcast can see this message and contact me. I am so ready to switch, but I am a dummy in this whole tech thing so I am waiting for my husband to come back from his trip to set up Direct TV. Gosh! Gosh!!!

Anonymous said...

i had adelphia the best ever for years then comcast came along and they suck my tv always skips