Saturday, October 29, 2005

Another challenge, another meme.

You want to meet and entertain some bloggers you think you would enjoy meeting. You only have eleven chairs, so can only invite ten people. Who would you pick?

My choices:

Tim Blair. He would bring beer.

James Taranto. He is plenty snarky.

James Lileks. I love him, his dog, and his kid. Bring pictures.

Nickie Goomba. Sarcastic wit.

TAN. He can choose the music.

Pam Meister. She can talk about politics and give the party some class.

Air force wife. i've always wanted to meet her, I bet she's cute.

Akaky. An entertaining speaker, i'm sure. Also, I want to know what town he lives in. It sounds suspiciously like somewhere I've lived.

Lonetree on the prairie aka Matt. He could help drink the beer. Also, he's helped me with my blog.

Neil, who could do the kvetching.

Now that I've done all this work, I will pass it on to Rachel, dustbury, and Pat.

1 comment:

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