Friday, August 28, 2009

The dog that did not bark

Apparently the hot news in Delaware is that people are not shouting at each other:

Unlike other meetings in Delaware and across the country, the audience members didn't scream at Castle or people with opposing viewpoints. There were no pictures of President Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache, no one questioning Obama's birth certificate, no assault rifles.

Apparently the Hitler mustache and the assault rifles are now established urban legends which can never be refuted, whether true of not. The take their place among the other untrue but generally accepted factoids, such as Sarah Palin seeing Russia from her house. She didn't say anything of the sort, but what fun it would have been if she had! A nobody like her, graduate of some cow college instead of Harvard, has some nerve running for office anyway and no doubt says lots of stupid things, if we could only catch her at it. If not true, it might as well be true. It ought to be true! It fits the narrative!

The birth certificate nutcases are a side issue, plain crazy, like those who believe 9/11 was an inside job. They are sui generis and truly have nothing to do with rational citizens who don't like the health care plan. If the loonies should show up at an otherwise peaceful rally devoted to something or other--it's a free country and public places are, well, places where people congregate. Isn't the voice of the people the voice of God?

The newspaper account had nothing to say about whether the attendees had their shirts tucked in or their hair combed. But as a citizen of my new state, I'm glad they behaved themselves. Vicious groups of raving grannies are a fearsome sight to behold and would put fear into the heart of anyone, with or without their assault rifles.

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Divinity Avenue said...

There was little shouting at the townhall meeting I went to. Of course, it was for our republican senator, not our democrat (who refuses to come out of his little safe place and face his constituents...). There was only one lady who screamed "racist!" at an Obamacare opponent. I suspect if our democrat senator comes for a townhall meeting there will be much more upset people and questions.