Thursday, August 27, 2009


1. About that saying, "thinking outside the box"; at this point, isn't using that expression thinking inside the box, big time?

2. Also, how do you "push the envelope"? Is the envelope business size or greeting card size?

3. This morning all the cable news shows were featuring live coverage of a bunch of limousines lining up for Ted Kennedy's memorial service. They weren't going anywhere, just getting ready to go somewhere, some time. I found this neither visually interesting nor informative.

4. Why, pray tell, does Obama hunch up his shoulders and jog up the steps of Air Force I? I noticed Caroline Kennedy ascending a platform the same way during her (mercifully short) bid for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat. Is this something only Democrats do, to show they are young and lively and energetic? Bush, a superb athlete, didn't do it.

5. Speaking of Bush, I am starting to miss his gravitas. There was no doubt that he should be seated at the grown-up table, not the kids' table.


paul mitchell said...

Miriam, I have thought pretty much about the same thing in regard to Bush's gravitas. Funny, he seems to be a genius by comparison to what we have now, which is stunning.

Speaking of which, Obama is still reading the same book that he talked about while campaigning. A gloriously incurious president is probably not a good thing.

By the way, truly athletic folks reserve their energy pretty much until it is needed. Lazy, nonathletic people attempt to show their virility by performing very simple tasks, like climbing stairs.

miriam said...

I believe that there was more to Bush than meets the eye. He blew it big time, though, with Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke and their cockeyed ideas.

paul mitchell said...

I certainly agree and the fact that he still continued to sign more spending legislation. Just one more missed opportunity to turn the knife in the back of the Democrat Party.

airforcewife said...

In regards to the box - I personally think it is a mobius box.

miriam said...

A Mobius box--definitely.