Friday, August 28, 2009

No bike helmet for the President?

President Obama doesn't wear a helmet while biking with his daughters.

A reporter writes:

[A]s commander-in-chief and national role model, ex-Sen. Obama declined to wear a helmet.
The reporter, Andrew Malcolm, thinks he looks great.

Ostensibly, the Secret Service will interpose their bodies between the ground and his head, should an accident occur. Maybe.

Governor Jon Corzine (D, NJ) did not wear his seat belt and was nearly killed. And his security detail couldn't do anything about it. Happily, he recovered and now uses his seat belt.

So be careful of that Presidential head. Remember Joe Biden.

Update: Why should he care for his own safety, when he doesn't care for mine? He wants me (and you and you and you) to ride around in tin cans made by Government Motors, even though they are not as safe as big cars.)

i learned that these cars are dangerous through bitter experience, when I survived a crash wile driving one.

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