Thursday, February 05, 2009

There goes the image of the United States!

Oy vey! I've set foreign relations back at least a decade.

I just noticed that a bunch of people on a Polish social networking site called Grono are visiting this particular post. I hope they are not taking this as gospel. How do you say "It's a joke" in Polish?

I wonder what people in Warsaw and Bialystok think of it.

In related news, I am still getting visits to my post, Miriam's porn site. I'm wondering if I should take it down? It must be very disappointing.

Welcome, Polish readers!


Anonymous said...

M, there is an xtra "http" at the end in URL; needs fixing.

The history itself: you forgot the Alamo! And MLKing. And Jewish lobby, which led to occupation of Hollywood.

miriam said...

I couldn't put in everything, or it would have been a medium sized history of the US.