Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Defiling the environment

I happened to mention today in art class that I don't like fluorescent light bulbs, and they all looked at me like I was Mussolini come back to life. I mentioned that incandescent bulbs give a nicer light, and they all protested. I do have one fl bulb, and it makes everybody look like one of the pictures in the post office.

Case closed.


Anonymous said...

Tell them it's a scientific fact, that incandescent light feels nicer - and the reason is because its Color Rendering Index (CRI) is closest to a 100. A 100 being agreed to belong to sunny daylight.

Ever since 60s the goal of lighting source engineers was to improve CRI of fluorescent bulbs. There are exist now varieties that are came closer to incandescents: tri-phosphor cool fluorescents have CRI of 86-89, while incandescents are generally about 98-99. They are generally more expensive than your regular tube fluorescents; you can find them by specific markings on the bulb' package.
See Typical Values' table here.

You can add that quality and color rendering of light should be of utmost importance to an artist and to NOT know elementary things facts about light sources just unpardonable.

[you can blame it on me - and I'm a Certified Interior Designer, completed Lighting Seminar for State qualification]

miriam said...

That's very useful information. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Any time, Miriam.