Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The tao of bagels...also pastrami

Jack muses about bagels, and adds this:

I continue to be dismayed by the horrific bagels that some people have concocted.

It is too upsetting to list them here, but suffice it to say that some of you use mayonnaise on your pastrami.

There are some weird bagels out there, all right.

The best bagels come from New York City, and the farther you get from NY, the worse they are. I have not had a decent one in Delaware.

Turning now to the subject of pastrami, application of mayonnaise to, I have to tell you about the worst pastrami sandwich I have ever had. We were at Jacob's Pillow, and wanted to have a little something before the performance. So I ordered a pastrami sandwich. On rye. The classic. When I bit into it, I found that not only had mayonnaise been applied to the bread, but it had been applied a long time previously and had had ample time to sink in, leaving the bread so soggy that you couldn't pick it up in your hands without it falling apart. Gross.

The pastrami itself wasn't very good either.

That should teach me that places that are selling culture shouldn't be selling food. Food should be sold at places where people go to eat.


Jack's Shack said...

Actually I have found some excellent bagels here in LA. I have had plenty in NYC so I feel competent to compare and as mentioned we have some pretty good places.

Of course there are a bunch that are terrible too.

miriam said...

I guess the west coast also has good ones, but I wouldn't know.

airforcewife said...

For my next admission, I will submit to stoning, if necessary.

I do put mayo on my pastrami bagel. And I like it.

miriam said...

Afw: This is deeply saddening. However, you are young and might get over it.

Tatyana said...

At least you don't eat chocolate pretzels...