Wednesday, August 08, 2007

How to predict climate change

I've often wondered how Algore et al figured out to such a nicety what the temperature of the earth would be. They must employ scrupulous scientific methods, no? To be so confident?

Well, I've found out how they do it. First, they slaughter a chicken. They then examine the entrails carefully and draw their conclusions.

Of course scientific experiments must be duplicated to be valid. So the experts slaughter another chicken. If this one has similar entrails, they are well on their way. If the experts are still not sure, they slaughter a duck or goose. Some go so far as to slaughter pigeons or Canada geese, but that's pushing it. Slaughtering robins or purple martins are a big no-no.

Actually, I have been lying to you. Babytrolling has the actual methodology. I was just pulling your leg.

Studying chicken entrails! No-one would believe that! Now taking air samples, that makes sense, doesn't it? Sort of?

Maybe we should stick to entrails. At least you get a chicken dinner at the end of the day.

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