Thursday, August 09, 2007

The New York Times reveals bias

I'm sick of the MSM calling groups and people allied with terrorists "conservative."

What's conservative about cutting off people's heads and murdering babies? Setting off IEDs? Conservatives I know don't engage in such activities. But the Times is convinced that Islamic extremists are conservative. Ditto Nazis, even though the Nazi party was called the National Socialist Party.

How about this paragraph?

In their complaint, lawyers for Sept. 11 relatives argue that the early alliances formed by the prince with conservative political and religious figures in Sudan and Egypt as well as the banking services DMI has provided to people and organizations who would be declared terrorists after Sept. 11 are proof that the prince and the trust have “conspired with Al Qaeda and the other defendants to carry out terrorist attacks.”

I don't think Conservatives should sit still for this kind of thing. Let's yell our heads off.

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