Saturday, October 06, 2018

Senate bullfight

I was in New York City during the hearings, and everyone had their televisions blaring.  All New Yorkers, aka Democrats, were prejudiced against Trump's choice before they knew who wound be chosen.   Because Trump, you know.

  A standout in the crowd of picadors was Cory Booker.  Booker obviously sees himself as a sort of Obama manque, which is odd as no-one could be more manque than Obama.  He is so full of hot air that I expect to see him  floating toward the ceiling.  A few hat tricks, a baritone voice,  a censorious rhetorical style, and  a  Chicago-style way of dealing with opponents were all he had.  But they were enough to derail the country for eight full years.  


ETat said...

"All New-Yorkers"

-not all

Dick Stanley said...

And most of the derailment has been rescinded by Trump---except for the racial animus which continues with the likes of the would-be Spartacus.