Monday, September 17, 2018

The stuff that's in the car @ the wreckers

You could probably reconstruct my life by analyzing the stuff that's left in my car, a car that's at the body shop waiting for the insurance company to approve its repair for $9,000.

  There's my handicap plates, and the handicap placard, and the cane I use from time to time to make everybody feel sorry for me, or to not fall down, whichever comes first.  I'm not allowed to fall downuntil I retreive these items. Of course I have a brush, comb and mirror, doesn't everyone?  in the console.  Also multiple lipsticks and a small bottle of hand cream, in case I have to wash my hands.  My electronic thingy that gets me into the Jewish Community Center and the bag containing my swimming stuff, including a clean towel, a bathing cap, and spare underwear.

  Another electronic gizmo that allows me to sign up at the gym and the gym bag, also with clean underwear and a towel.  And earphones, with wires to plug them in.  Then there's the cell phone charger that's always plugged into the car.  The EZ-Pass in case I want to drive somewhere.

  A couple of umbrellas and a sunshade for the car, also a snow shovel and a brush to clean off the windshield in case it snows.  I don't need that immediately, but will soon, because my scheme to open a GoFundMe account to buy a condo  in Florida hasn't had many takers.  I guess thee money is more urgently needed to pay the legal fees of crooked FBI officials.  Their GoFundMe accounts are flourishing.   Maps.  Coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond and many other retail establishments.


Dick Stanley said...

"A bathing cap." Whoa, you have dated yourself right there. Haven't seen one of those since the 1950s.

Dick Stanley said...

Good luck on getting them to pay. When I tried that they noted that the cost of repair exceeded the market value and revoked my insurance which, in Texas, made it impossible to drive.

miriam sawyer said...

Women like me, who are serious swimmers an d also have a lot of hair, use bathing caps. Wet hair is a nuisance.

Don't you watch the Olympics? All the swimmers wear bathing caps.

Dick Stanley said...

I don't watch the olympics or anything else on the rube tube.