Friday, July 21, 2017

I have great hopes for the movie "Dunkirk"

Going to see it tomorrow God Willing and the creek don't rise. I told a friend what it was about and she said, "How do you know this?"

I thought everyone knew about Dunkirk, like everyone knows about Gettysburg. Doesn't everyone?
Anyway, I love anything about WWII. Or the Civil War. I got that way from typing Mr Charm's essays and term papers. He majored in British History, but the Civil War was his passion.


Dick Stanley said...

Be interested to read your verdict. Others I have read panned it as just another war movie. But one without context: no Churchill, not even a swastika. Dunkirk was epic. This movie is said not to be.

miriam sawyer said...

It was not just another war movie but it was not cerebral at all. Context was missing until the end. I expected something more linear: meeting where the relieving of Dunkirk was planned, how many were involved in planning, how the plans were kept secret. Also a bit more Churchill, who knew this was not a victory but a prerequisite to eventual victory.

Technically, it was very well done. My ears were ringing for hours after I left the theatre. I'd like to hear what you took away from the movie.