Saturday, July 22, 2017

Believing six impossible things before breakfast

What universe am I living in, where the President appoints a special person, a Grznd Guignol kind of guy, to investigate his doings? Why doesn't he just tough it out, as Bill Clinton did when his lying caught up with him. He said he was just going to do "Ma job." and by golly they left him to it. I don't believe any of this about Russia and furthermore I don't care. It's all over my head. Who cares about this stuff? You would have to be obsessed with getting the Donald as I believe they got Al Capone. Just keep looking through his life, his history, his associates and you will be sure to find something, as Patrick Fitzgerald did with Scooter Libby. You can dig up dirt on anyone, if you dig long enough.

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Dick Stanley said...

I reiterate, Trump did not appoint Mueller, Deputy AG Rosenstein did, actring as AG Sessions who had recused himself on matters Russis. Which is curious. Since Rosenstein is supposed to be a Republican and yet it was Mueller who stonewalled for Bronco Bama the investigation of the conservative groups wounded by the IRS. Mueller was then running the FBI which did not interview any of the conservative groups.